Entrepreneur Solo

I am someone who never wanted to work for somebody else and decided from a young age that I wanted to live in Spain. Lifestyle Design from an early age if you like. So what do I do. I run my own businesses and live in Spain. Simple!

Feb 172013
Job Available in Valencia But How To Find Candidates?

You would think it was easy really in a country of almost 6 million unemployed. You would think so but it isn’t. Simply put if you are looking for someone to fill a job in Spain it should be easy. Out there somewhere there is the ideal candidate, in fact there are probably thousands, but finding them is proving rather difficult.

Jan 262013
What You Need To Start An Online Business 2

We have talked about enthusiasm, an idea and being tenacious and these are admirable qualities that are needed to start up a business. One of the things that is most overlooked is being in the right place at the right time and being quick to act. However this is not a business, it is simply an opportunity.

Jan 262013
Hitting Your Targets Online

One of my mentors constantly insists, “You cannot manage what you don’t measure” Therefore he insists I measure everything of course and then split test different things to see if they are working or not. If they do then I get to do more of it even if I don’t like it, and if it isn’t then I get to leave it and try something else.

Jan 262013
Power, Corruption and Lies. Personal Responsibility and Spain

I have not written about this for some time but now is the time and this is something that really annoys me about living here in Spain, there are not many things but it’s only right to point them out. Next week I will be writing an article entitled 7 things that do my head in about Spain and then the week after an article entitled 10 things I love about living in Spain of course, because the good must always outweigh the bad if you want to stay in a place right?

Jan 262013
Upside Down and Inside Out Thinking - The Battle For Spanish Society Part Three

The new labour laws in Spain were quickly hurried through Parliament last Friday. In effect the major point of them is that they make it easier to get rid of employees as you no longer need to pay them so much to sack them.

As a measure to reduce unemployment does that seem sound to you? If the only thing that has stopped companies sacking people was the fact that it is extremely expensive to do so then making it cheaper and easier short term can only do one thing: Increase Spain’s already unsustainable 23% unemployment rate even more and even faster!

Jan 262013
Where Would You Draw The Line

Here I am sitting having lunch and wondering if it is possible to be too busy? The last week has been a haze of doing stuff and all of it for a change is heading in the right direction but focus is totally impossible with all of these things requiring time and differing skillsets. So what is happening?

Jan 262013
How Do You Get The Word Out About Your Business?

The old certainties in life are no longer so certain. Banks are thieves is probably the only one now they are holding onto all that taxpayer money used to bail them out. But now you can no longer rely on the yellow pages or a great location giving you the traffic in a town, what happens when the new superstore opens on the edge of town and moves the centre a few hundred yards away and footfall reduces.

Jan 262013
The Black Economy in Spain

A report has just been leaked to the press that the black economy in Spain now makes up 23.3% of all transactions. This means that a quarter of the economy in Spain doesn’t show up on the official figures for the size of the GDP for example. The figure is 5% higher than a decade ago and it is getting higher due to the famous “Crisis”.