Jan 262013
Facebook Are Looking For Beta Testers

Facebook are looking for beta testers for a new product. You need to be able to write authoritatively about subjects, mmm I wonder why? Oh yeah, Facebook Wiki. Anyway if you think you can write in an authoritative way then look at the questions below. I have placed my answers in there to give you an example.

Jan 262013

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at the Turbo Charge Networking Event in Fuengirola. Here are the slides in their original format. Obviously without the commentary they make a little less ense. However if you go to the link at the end you can listen to the whole presentation and get a copy of all of the resources mentioned.

Jan 262013
The Partido Popular and Their "Taking The Piss" Department

I used to take politics quite seriously but then I came to live in Spain. However it is now getting even funnier. Over the last two weeks I’ve been noticing that the parties in Spain are tending to ramp up the possibilities of lying to new extremes. In my opinion this is all happening because the PP managed to win the last elections with a total lie. That’s ultra huge lie was the manifesto, because everything they said they were going to do then they have actually done the opposite since.

Jan 142013
How Do You Become The Google Of Your Market?

Living in Spain is rather strange at times. I have said before in these pages that Spanish life is rather conformist, what one person does successfully everybody else follows in general. Successful estate agents beget copycat models, and the same can be said of academies, theme bars, delicatessens and a huge etcetera. Google is the absolute killer in this area though because people started to use it and everybody else followed. Loads copied but none got traction. In fact just like in English there is a phrase which says “Look for it in Google”, ie Google it.

Jan 112013

If you haven’t heard of check move theory then join the club, as long as we are still in 2008. I hadn’t but once I heard this it just made so much sense. I immediately opened up an aweber account and got myself an autoresponder and the results since then have been stunning.

Jan 112013
Looking for your Facebook Comments

After years of having to manage rather nonsensical spam comments on posts congratulating me on my excellent knowledge of the subject, asking me why it didn’t work on their browser and mostly not even referring to the article, today I have installed the Facebook Comments plugin you can find here.

Oct 172012
Entrepreneurs and the Addictive Personality

Obviously I don’t know about you, but I would like you to tell me in the comments all the same, but I have one of those terribly addictive personalities. I start something and then I must finish it. Therefore for me there is no gaming on the computer because a whole day could disappear, I only play on the Wii when accompanied so I won’t be the first to get bored but when one person gets bored the rest of us can stop too, I hardly drink, have never smoked and most importantly of all these days I live in a country where there are no betting shops and I have never really started with the online betting stuff.

Sep 082012
When Was The Last Time You Were Bored

I have just realised this evening that I haven’t been bored for the longest time. I mean “seriously flicking through the TV channels bored in the vain hope of finding something vaguely interesting”. I cannot remember the last time that I actually had the realisation of being bored

Sep 082012
So What's Entrepreneur Solo?

“Being an entrepreneur in Spain is like being a snowboarder in Jamaica”.

It may be an exaggeration but Spain is a country where more than most people define themselves by what they do and what they want to do rather than who they are. Ambition is measured by wanting to be a civil servant because you cannot be sacked. I am sorry but it doesn’t float my boat.

So who am I and why am I an entrepreneur? From a young age I realised that I didn’t want to work for anyone else. I prefer working for a slave driver; Me. I set my own goals and start up my own businesses because I don’t like being told what to do by people that usually I consider to not have a clue.