Jan 262013
Upside Down and Inside Out Thinking - The Battle For Spanish Society Part Three

The new labour laws in Spain were quickly hurried through Parliament last Friday. In effect the major point of them is that they make it easier to get rid of employees as you no longer need to pay them so much to sack them.

As a measure to reduce unemployment does that seem sound to you? If the only thing that has stopped companies sacking people was the fact that it is extremely expensive to do so then making it cheaper and easier short term can only do one thing: Increase Spain’s already unsustainable 23% unemployment rate even more and even faster!

Jan 262013
Hitting Your Targets Offline

Last week I wrote an article about hitting your targets focussed on the online markets. Today it is the turn of offline and again the process is similar with the same mantra, “if you don’t know where you are heading then it doesn’t matter which way you set out”.

Jan 262013

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at the Turbo Charge Networking Event in Fuengirola. Here are the slides in their original format. Obviously without the commentary they make a little less ense. However if you go to the link at the end you can listen to the whole presentation and get a copy of all of the resources mentioned.

Jan 262013
General Strike in Spain - Will People Follow

As an Entrepreneur in Spain I look at the general strike in Spain next week and wonder whether it will be successful and how success can be measured. The reasons for it apparently are to protest against the erosion of worker’s rights due to the onslaught of austerity measures imposed by the government. The catalyst for it was a 5% cut in wages for civil servants by the government for which the civil servants have already had a day of action, or inaction, and nobody really noticed.

Jan 262013
Saving The Heart and Soul Of Spain?

So taxes were not to be raised. It wasn’t going to be easier to dismiss people from their jobs. Unemployment wouldn’t rise. The welfare state wouldn’t be cut at all.

So much for a politician’s promises during an election campaign. And you know what? Everyone knew that Mariano Rajoy was lying during the election campaign. How did they know? His lips were moving.

Jan 142013
How Do You Become The Google Of Your Market?

Living in Spain is rather strange at times. I have said before in these pages that Spanish life is rather conformist, what one person does successfully everybody else follows in general. Successful estate agents beget copycat models, and the same can be said of academies, theme bars, delicatessens and a huge etcetera. Google is the absolute killer in this area though because people started to use it and everybody else followed. Loads copied but none got traction. In fact just like in English there is a phrase which says “Look for it in Google”, ie Google it.

Jan 112013
Dia de la Persona Emprendedora en Valencia

I am currently at the #dpecv at Feria Valencia. If you want to know more about what is going on then follow me on Twitter at @e_solo or @grahunt. I will update this blog tonight when finished here. I have been harsh on Spanish entrepreneurs in the past but it is good to see so far today loads of people and ideas and what looks like a younger generation coming through that don’t want to stick with traditional working lives. However if you watch the video you will find a kicker at the end. All is not as it seems.

Jan 112013
The (In)Famous 51 Things I Have Learnt In 2012 Post

Last year I wrote a post which became quite popular about 51 things I learnt selling Spanish property in 2011. You can read it here. This year I decided to repeat it. However I thought I would only do 25 this year as I might not have learnt so much. Nevertheless, when I got round to writing it (Actually dictating it into Siri then sending it to myself) I found that the lessons just kept on flowing. So instead of […]

Nov 222012
How The Summer Holidays Change Things With Kids

As I write this I have a half naked 5 year old playing on the Wii nearby and another just getting up. My 18 year old is bringing her cases down for her holiday in Mallorca and the house is a total tip after a weekend of parties for the 4 year old’s birthday, and birthday party on Sunday.