Jan 262013
Hitting Your Targets Online

One of my mentors constantly insists, “You cannot manage what you don’t measure” Therefore he insists I measure everything of course and then split test different things to see if they are working or not. If they do then I get to do more of it even if I don’t like it, and if it isn’t then I get to leave it and try something else.

Jan 142013
Taking Time Out: How A Project Can Take Over

This week has been a bit hectic. A new site and a new project and changing my focus a bit into Spanish. I have been making videos, doing market research and a lot more related to the opening up of www.marketsamurai.es

Jan 142013
Walking The Walk After Talking the Talk

I wrote the Web Marketing for Estate Agents Book and one of the services I mentioned that is useful to use is Fiverr. So I thought I would give an example of what you can get done as an estate agent or any other business for just $5. After all if you talk the talk then it is essential to walk the walk too isn’t it? I put out a job to design me an ebook cover to someone saying they did that sort of thing for a Fiver and this is what I got back.

Jan 142013
iPad2? Not Yet. I am Still Using This One Beautifully

As you all know by now I hope I have a beautiful iPad and I use it more and more for work and also for play, reading and a lot more. I thought it was about time that I told you of a few more apps that you may want to consider if you are getting or have got an iPad. There are so many that I use but here are a small selection of four.

Jan 112013
Looking for your Facebook Comments

After years of having to manage rather nonsensical spam comments on posts congratulating me on my excellent knowledge of the subject, asking me why it didn’t work on their browser and mostly not even referring to the article, today I have installed the Facebook Comments plugin you can find here.

Dec 192012
Domainface Pro Has Launched

If you have done what I suggested and started domain buying and setting up websites then you will know how highly I value Domainface for finding aged domains with backlinks and more. This blog was actaully bought with PR, backlinks and history. Well now finally Domainface Pro has launched and it is a brilliant service which you should seriously consider buying now.

Nov 222012
Keeping Productive in the Car: Podcasts and Preneurcast

Being a small businessman (That means having a small business not being under five foot tall) means that there is often a temptation to continually work. Unfortunately I succumb to that temptation, I generally work. One of the places that I often do work is in the car. Now I am not sending e-mails. I am not texting, although I have been known to do it at traffic lights for example. What I tend to do is to listen to podcasts.

Having an iPhone means that I can put the podcast on in the car and from that I can listen to whichever one I want. One of my most listened ones is by Dom Goucher and Pete Williams and is called Preneurcast.

Nov 222012
Working the Nightshift to Catch Up

When you are faced with a technological challenge for a couple of weeks and you are also in the middle of a huge upgrade of your website which involves uploading a whole database of properties individually onto a new site taking 10 – 15 minutes each property you really need to make the most use of your time.

Nov 222012
Why Vodafone Is Losing Clients in Spain Hand Over Fist

I have finally bitten the bullet. After three years the divorce is coming through. No more will I be tied to Vodafone. They have lost my business, worth over 200 Euros per month to them. Why has this happened? Well for one simple reason, they are absolutely fu***n’ useless (Pardon my French)

So let’s go into why they have lost my business and why they are losing the business of others.

Nov 222012
Changing The Market With Innovation

If you keep doing the same thing you keep getting the same results right? Erm, well not exactly. If that were the case then most companies would continue to get bigger and stronger but sometimes what you have previously done doesn’t work.

Now in property up to 2006 Valencia Property worked well. Then the market fell off a cliff and whatever was done didn’t seem to work. Things now are going very well and have been for a couple of years with clients coming in from all over the world but I feel a need to continue innovating and changing things.