Jun 222012

Yes apparently Zuckerburg has had enough and just wants his life back and people to actually meet up in real life rather than on the net etc… Facebook is closing on March 15th!

When did you stop believing this rumour reported in the World Weekly News

Facebook closing down March 15th

Facebook closing down March 15th

Because let’s face it this is the classic traffic play. Create a rumour, get it placed on Digg, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook itself and watch as the gullible of this world believe it and repeat it which gives more credibility to the rumour. This brings trafic to your site, it brings comments and it creates a place that people are talking about. That is monetizable no?

So how do you know that it is not a real story or really the next time you fall for one of these stories that it is not a real story?

Firstly, at the top of the page news that Charlie Sheen is going to get a brothel bought for him by his studio to keep him happy. (That actually sounds feasible I suppose but let’s move on)

Next, have you actually looked at any of the other stories, Miley Cyrus to do Playboy centrefold?

Thirdly, oh come on just look people!!! Can you not see? Have you not checked out the page itself?

Obviously not because as I write this there are 1113 pages of comments on the story. 1113 Pages!!! If they have 1113 pages of comments how much traffic has passed through that site in the last few days since the story was published and went viral on the 9th of January?

I am surprised their server hasn’t gone down and I just hope they there is not some poor schmuck moderating comments manually.

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