Jul 232012

A political blog post for a change but very short.

I don’t know if anyone has seen the images coming out of Valencia this week but basically take a look at the video and see for yourself.

Now I don’t know about you but if I were a politician in charge of the police I would be distancing myself from such actions and suggesting that the police decided that action was needed but it isn’t condoned officially.


Very simply the PP are alienating an entire generation of students and young people in Spain (And therefore their future voters) The head of the PP, the inept and ineffective Rajoy, said that he was worried by the events because of the image they gave of Spain. He should be worried for the long term future of his party as alienating an already alienated youth (50% youth unemployment and both main parties considered to be so out of touch as to beĀ unbelievableĀ that anybody voted for them) is not likely to win them any votes at future elections.

So what have the students been protesting about?

  1. No heating in the school.
  2. No books in the school.
  3. No paper at the school.
  4. Teachers who are off school are not replaced by others leaving a class without a teacher.

How old are the students on average? Under 18. As it is an instituto that they are at, a senior school!

Who is responsible for this? The regional government of the PP (The most corrupt and inept regional government in Spain and there is a lot of competition on this point) Meanwhile let’s look at some figures:

  1. Estimated Cost of heating oil for the school = 1500 Euros for a full tank
  2. Estimated Cost of Books = 2000 Euros
  3. Estimated Cost of paper = A few hundred Euros
  4. Estimated Cost of supply teachers 100 Euros per day
  • Estimated cost of police operation = 22000 Euros per day!

False economy or what!

Previously the police had been praised during the sit ins in the early part of last year for the way they treated the protestors. That goodwill has now gone and all because the new government insisted they act.

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