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One of the questions I get asked regularly is how you establish yourself in a new market. Well I have a very simple answer to that, the first thing you must do is to put out content and lots of it and get people who are already prominent in the market noticing you for what you say.

Let me give you an example. I am currently building up my position in the World of SEO in Spain to a certain level. I started by having a speaking gig at a University which allowed me to present a few things about SEO and social media. Then in order to take advantage of the interest generated I have set up a blog about how to use the tools of internet marketing “Las Herramientas” for Spanish speakers.

Establishing Yourself in A Market

Establishing Yourself in A Market

A few weeks ago Google brought out the new Google+ and I was lucky to get in straight away. Therefore I managed to have an early look and give some quick advice to others in Spanish about what I saw as the future of SEO based on the new relationship based marketing and recommendations from friends and how I saw Google,search and social developing over the next few weeks, months and years.

I then developed that into a series of blog posts about the new SEO. The reaction to the posts has been excellent and there is still another to come before I actually start to expand on the original points.

Now if you are reading this from a UK point of view and following a few of the top blogs and commentators this may well not be anything new to you. However in my market here it is almost as if you were Moses coming down from the mountains with the tablets.

You need to remember that in your target market you may fulfill that role especially if it an underdeveloped market. I consider that the SEO market in Spain is a lot less competitive than in other countries although it is not massively underdeveloped.

Once you identify your niche then you need to create authority in your market. Content is one way of doing it and I consider it to be the best way. Guess what? It isn’t a quick win. It is a constant over a period of time.

Live with it and get on with it.

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