Mar 262012

If the answer to this question is no then the obvious follow up is why do you do it then?

Love what you do?

Love what you do?

If you have ever got into self help you will know that the Gurus always advise you to “Live with Passion” as Tony Robbins says. They say you should be passionate about what you do. I prefer to ask if you really love what you do? Does it inspire you daily? Do you wake up with great ideas and possibilities or does the morbid dread or the day seep into your bones from the moment your alarm goes off in the morning?

If dragging yourself out of bed seems like a chore perhaps you should be looking to do something else then.

My work inspires me. I like working with people looking to start up a new life in Spain and I really love working online and creating an internet presence, a market leadership position by informing my market about what the should know to purchase safely in Spain. Even if the client doesn’t purchase with me I hope that the information I provide helps them make a sensible decision.

Equally my latest projects inspire me. They make each day worth living. I couldn’t imagine getting up in the mornings and going to work in a cubicle for somebody else with their targets and goals supposedly inspiring me to make money for them while they pay me badly for doing what they cannot be bothered to do themselves.

No point to this post really apart from getting you to question what you do. To quote a cliche, you only get one chance at life so give it your best shot. When you get to retirement age and they present you with the gold carriage clock, will you be looking back with pride or will you be full of regrets?

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