Aug 082012

My chair is beginning to get worn out. I spend too much time on it. I have a workchair in the living room for when nobody is in the house and I won’t be disturbed. It means my back is to the window and the World, as represented by my garden, is passing me by. I can be six hours at a time in the chair if I allow myself of course.

However I have found that I am much more productive if I get myself out during these work sessions. Of course productivity is determined by battery life on the computer when I am out so I do tend to concentrate more too to make sure that in the two hours that I will get to work in I can get a lot more done.

So far I have found that there are some cafes in Valencia that are great places to work, there are some excellent places near the beach as long as I can get out of the sun for the reflection issues on the screen of course and just popping down into the garden works too, you can see my garden in the picture so you can get an idea of the oasis that it is and why it might be a good place to work.

Garden in La Pobla

Garden in La Pobla

So my question for today is where do you go to get a different slant on your work? Are you office bound or do you create your own office space?

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