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I saw a question in a group I belong to last week about “Gurus” and who you follow. It was interesting of course because it was in a closed forum and we are all there because of our following of a couple of Gurus. (Lame I know)

Gurus, Heroes and Blind Devotion

Gurus, Heroes and Blind Devotion

So the question was which Internet Marketing Gurus do you follow?

Surprisingly there were a lack of suggestions because Gurus are seen to be losing their luster somewhat in the last year or so and the feeling that most of them have been outed as less than ethical is prevalent.

In the internet marketing World a shedload of Gurus have been outed as having little or no content in their products, rehashing ideas found elsewhere on the internet for free, but putting a nice shiny package around it to make it look good. Basically, repackage an old idea, (although in internet terms six months can class as old) and then regurgitate it with fancy graphics and videos to give it a higher perceived value.

In the Self-Help World if you don’t know what has happened to those who espoused “The Secret” then you should do a little Google search for David Schirmer the scammer, and James Ray the (Alleged) Murderer (The trial starts on the 16th of February and should be interesting to follow as James Ray carried out his God complex so much that three people died in a sweat lodge and he is protesting his innocence of course).

In the business World so many recognised business leaders have gone down in flames due to the economic crisis that to start to name them here would create a Who’s Who rather than a mention but special praise must go here in Spain to Gerardo Diaz Ferran, the boss of Viajes Marsans and Air Comet among others, who just also happened to be the head of the Employer’s association in Spain, the equivalent of the CBI in the UK. He was found out to be doing so many shady practices in his businesses before they went into liquidation that the fact that he is still at liberty in Spain is a shame on the justice system.

Banking, let’s just not go there.

Religion? I will keep quiet there.

Sport. Idols found to have feet of clay, erm Tiger Woods anyone?

Politics, don’t make me laugh surely nobody was idealising or idolizing anyone involved in politics were they?

So what has happened?

Have we all become staid and cynical due to excessive information when it is impossible to keep quiet about misdemeanours thanks to Wikileaks, sensationalist journalism, long lenses on paparazzi cameras and digital communications or are we being served by finally finding out that those who we respected are nothing more than human and in many cases much more human than any of us? Will it get us out of our Guru following mentality?

Who are you following? And what is in their closet? Or who were you following blindly until you found out the truth?

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