Jan 142013

A tongue in cheek post dedicated to my daughter 🙂

Inspired by a Facebook update status by my student daughter stating that she is bored I realized that if you are bored then you must be boring. I wrote a similar post exactly one year ago on this blog

Oceanographic in Valencia

Oceanographic in Valencia


I want to make a little comparison between my growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, although some would say that I have never grown up, and now, in the all singing, all dancing year of 2011. Of course I am comparing middle class with the same because I realize that all I have to say here may not be applicable to everyone but let’s use her as a good example.

So what did we used to do in the 70’s and 80’s? We had a choice of staying in and watching tv, and there were only three or four channels depending on the year, and going out and walking around with our mates. By the mid 80’s the Thatcherite cuts had closed most of the youth clubs, leisure centers were not ubiquitous and private health clubs and gyms… Yeah right. The usual activities of the non criminal variety were general nuisance such as hedge hopping, knock and run, and on one memorable occasion picking up a reliant robin between the lot of us and placing it in someone’s garden behind the low wall with no way of getting it out.

So what choices are available to my daughter these days. Well she can go out walking around with her mates. She could even try hedge hopping and knock and run but would risk an asbo or whatever they are called these days.


– she could visit the subsidised gym provided by the University
– she could log onto the Internet through the ever present wifi where she lives and do a lot of things including watching failblogs, listening to music from anywhere, developing one of her websites, investigation for her final exams or an endless list of other stuff available on our window to the world.
– she could play with her Smartphone, taking photos, sending free messages using whatsapp, make free calls using Viber or, heaven forbid, make a FaceTime call to her parents to say hello.
– she could get her reflex slr camera and take a load of pictures for playing around with on the Mac later.
– she could actually start tidying her room ready for leaving because at her usual glacial pace the month that she has left to do it won’t be enough.
– she could play one of her guitars
– she could break out the Playstation 2
– she could do some of the transcriptions she promised for me last year 😉
– she lives in Liverpool so she could visit any number of great bars and places as well as looking around the great city.
– did I mention she had an iPad. That opens up a whole range of possibilities too.
– she could get a job 😉

Poor students.

As I said anyone that says they are bored these days really doesn’t know the real essence of the word. There are so many possibilities and things available to do that the only reason to be not doing something is because of the plethora of choice.

Despite the crisis.

She could even watch the tv if she were really, really bored.

PS The music was better though

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