Jul 202012

I have had an interesting eye opener this morning which has made me look at my projects through the eyes of another of course. I was sent to a website for an article about Spanish Property demolitions and it was a newspaper based in Andalucia. The article was OK, nothing spectacular of course but OK.

However I thought I would have a quick browse through the pages of the website just to kill some time and prevaricate a little before starting some serious work today. What I found was rather strange. The sports page was last updated in 2009, and not the end of 2009 either. Now remember this is an online newspaper. Does it not seem to you that if you are going to bother doing something then you had best do it well?

Now blogs are different, they wax and wane, appear and disappear with regularity, although the successful ones have content and lots of it posted on a very regular basis. A newspaper that doesn’t update for over six months surely must be failing in its main objective which is to give news.

So how does this affect me? Well I have a lot of projects at the moment and many of those projects are at the half finished stage. I bought a couple of fantastic domains last week after checking their backlinks and history using Market Samurai, you should try it, and one of them I have a fantastic business idea for. However I will need to outsource work and get some content done before hiring a cold caller to make a lot of calls. Will it be carried through? Well, we shall see.

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