May 132012

More On Procrastination. Is There An App For That?

Yesterday morning I just couldn’t get going. I was in a fug of indecision over what to do. There were so many choices of things I could have done of course, isn’t that always true as an entrepreneur?

Procrastination. Is There An App For That?

Procrastination. Is There An App For That?

Comic by Georg Pedersen

There is one thing that I am putting off doing though and I don’t know why. That should have been the first thing I did of course, it has been like that for weeks, but I procrastinated , fought it and now find myself writing about it to avoid having to do it.

And therein lies the problem. My use of language about this particular task. I “fought” it! I am writing to “avoid” having to do it.

What is this particular task? Climb Everest? No. Clean the whole house from top to bottom? No. It is simply update an excel file with client details.

Now I have never been one for noting down too many excessive details but this excel file is an excellent idea for me. It shows the details of the client, the properties they wanted to see, what I have shown them, when I have been in contact and their reactions to the properties and new requirements etc… (Quite a long etc really)

I much prefer winging it to filling in this form and yet this excel form, it is actually in numbers as I am on a Mac, is vital to the sustained success of my business because I don’t “forget” clients if I keep this file up to date. So I am looking for suggestions. How can I make it more fun, more immediate and more interesting to get this form filled in?

How can I do it without fretting over having to do it before I actually lose the details of the clients that come in and forget what they have seen and what they said.

Is there an app for that which is interesting, quick and fun?

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