Jul 142012
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My daughter is getting older and flying the nest this week, or rather driving away from the nest and it is me doing the driving, on her way to University in the UK. So a road trip is in order just for her and me, all the way through Spain, over the Pyrenees into France, through Bordeaux an up the west side of France and Paris because it is a bit more interesting than the motorway straight from Barcelona to Paris and then over the channel or possibly under the channel by the Chunnel.

Then we start getting a bit slower as we move back in time to the roadworks and contraflow systems of the Uk to arrive on Sunday more or less. So it got me thinking what can be done on a roadtrip. A good time to bond, an excellent time to yap and remind her as she goes into the real world that everything changes. Self reliance, self sufficiency and financial independence await as she builds up a huge debt in the University whilst experiencing life and having a great time.

So a simple question or two today. Has anyone got any advice for my daughter whose only time living in the Uk was between 5 and 7 years old about what she should be looking to do in the UK and what she should be looking out for? And equally has anyone got any advice for me about contraflow systems and roadworks between Dover and Liverpool?

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