Nov 222012
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My Hitler video has been described variously as hilarious, brilliant, stunning, really funny and extremely clever but it was also called linkbait. Now linkbait is where you just put something up to create a bit of controversy and therefore get more traffic to your site. I wouldn’t spend five hours working on something just for a bit of linkbait though, I would diss somebody in text!

This was brought back to me when I read an article today which was just the most alarmist rubbish I have ever read about Spain. I am not even going to link to it here because it was so abject and shockingly badly researched. The author’s bio showed the agenda that they push so I have no doubt that it was total linkbait. (If you go back through my tweets on @grahunt then you will find the article I think)

My question is why do people do this? I am totally annoyed at the moment by adverts on the TV and elsewhere that just terrify people in order to get them to buy stuff. The worst culprits of course are detergent and soap companies. I am sure that in the past you were not allowed to alarm the general public when advertising. Has this changed.

I have been involved online for many years now and have been the victim of a troll previously when I should have just taken the advice “Don’t feed the trolls”. My personal opinion is that the trolls should get themselves a life and stop annoying those of us who actually have a life. I wonder what you think.

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  3 Responses to “Ridiculous Posts and Linkbaiting”

  1. You seem to think linkbait is bad, Graham. Nothing wrong with going out of your way to produce something that people love and naturally link to IMHO 😉

  2. The name does suggest it is bad David!

  3. […] admin published Ridiculous Posts and Linkbaiting. […]

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