Jul 202012

I was playing football tonight against the Civil Guard, the Spanish slightly Military Police. We are supposed to be nice when we play them because basically we turn up in cars and if we win we fear for clamping and speeding tickets. Also you might well get done for assault if you do a bad tackle or something and finish up spending the weekend behind bars. Two things need to be noted here. Firstly, there was no chance of us actually winning because we missed a hell of a lot of chances. Secondly, it is probably not a good idea to kick one in the first minute so they get a bit riled.

So in the second half I cut inside the right back onto my right foot but put the ball slightly too far ahead of me, stretching I get my foot to the ball at the same time as a meaty challenge from a defender coming the other way. I am told that the ball temporarily became an hourglass and my toe exploded in my shoe. When I eventually got to the side of the pitch and took off the boots and socks this is what I saw more or less.

Not my toe

Not my toe

So now I am here writing this with an ice pack on my foot watching as the red turns to purple and thinking, “OK, now how am I going to sort out things while a tad immobile.” “Can I outsource my limping?” I thought.

So this week I still have to take people to see properties over the weekend, go to various houses to take photos, receive a few visits from people as we discuss a huge new project we are starting and not only that but entertain you with the musings of an entrepreneur solo in Spain.

It has got me thinking about how easy it is to outsource work and basically stay at home sitting around with my toe in the air and the computer on my lap. It has also got me thinking about how I have arrived at this point in my life and it is another story involving football injuries.

On the 22nd of November 2008, I remember the date clearly because it was a week before I was meant to be playing against Liverpool veterans as a birthday present, I was playing football at the same place and was tripped from behind. Due to another long story we were playing on concrete that day and my shoulder exploded in a similar way to my toe today but slightly more seriously. My collar bone split into pieces and decided to detach itself from its housing. That hurts believe me.

I was immobilised for three months as the damaged bone just wouldn’t knit. My arm was strapped to my body and as my odour got worse by the day to tell the truth I was so happy it was winter and not July. During that time I did something I hadn’t done for a long time, I stopped and thought. And a few days into this major meditation on life after two horrible years in the real estate carnage that was happening in Spain I decided that things had to change. That is when I went on a major study bender. I cannot remember where it started or how it went but sometime around the start of January something clicked into place and I found that lightbulb moment.Lightbulb moment

I clicked on something called the Thirty Day Challenge. At that point I was looking at at least another month with my arm strapped to my body so I thought what the hey! And I started.

This was my first experience of following something religiously since the season when I went to see over 100 soccer matches. By the end of January, I was thinking about what to do with all of this new knowledge. This blog is the latest thing to come out of the process but the main one that came out of it in February last year was Houses For Sale In Spain. Other things that came out of it were;

A YouTube Channel: Valprop

A Revamped Valencia Comment Site

Opportunities to mentor some frineds on taking their first steps online

Membership of the Immediate Edge

A Visit to Manchester as my 43rd birthday present to myself for a conference.

The purchase and sale of a ton of domains and website.

Earning 15K through a single You Tube video.

and a whole lot of processional effects (Things that came out of it without me even thinking about it or planning of course.)

So the next time you are caught by an injury, illness or unexpected indisposition how is your life going to change? Or are you going to sit around in front of the television watching daytime mind mushing programmes.

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  5 Responses to “Slowing Down – Injuries and Unintended Consequences”

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  2. Ouch Graham!

    Hope you get better soon. If not, hobble along to your nearest chemist and purchase a pair of “muletas” and you will be up and about in no time, even if you have calloused hands!

    Wish I could help from Marbella.


  3. Thanks Nicky. Actually feeling a lot better today although it is currently some remarkable colours. Out of action for a time I think but confident that in a couple of weeks i will have a new injury to write about.
    What did you think about the rest of the article anyway?

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