Jan 262013

I have just written a guest post for Birds on the Blog about how I use Twitter and why I will continue to use it despite the rise of Google+ and the preeminence of Facebook. It is called “Riots, Michael Jackson, Tripoli and Indignados”

Riots, Michael Jackson, Tripoli and Indignados

Riots, Michael Jackson, Tripoli and Indignados

So here is how it starts;

“I have been on Twitter longer than 97% of the people using it apparently. I have seen it develop and change, lose strength and gain popularity as opinions wax and wane about its usage. It has morphed into the source for news, it is where things happen first even if the odd story turns out to be untrue, Ghaddafi wasn’t dead a couple of nights ago for example … How the rumours can spread like wildfire through Twitter.

I have been asked so many times “what is it for?” I have been told so many times “it’s just a waste of time isn’t it!” I have tweeted a lot, I cannot imagine the time it has taken.

I don’t care.

I have spent some excellent nights bonding with my daughter as we laughed at things and followed amazing things happening in the World knowing that we were hearing history being made without the filter applied by the mass media.

So these days the question I often get asked is what I use Twitter for. So it’s time to tell you.”

(To read the rest of this article just head on over to the rest of the article at Birds on the Blog here

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