Aug 292011

“Sometimes the shots just work… Nice one mate”

This comment from Steve Blampied about a photo I put up on Facebook with my new little toy, the Sony a350 got me thinking.

Sometimes things come easy to all of us and we can just go with the flow, sometimes whatever we do it just seems an uphill struggle to get to where we want to be.

Here I am starting to learn about how to use a “real” camera having never touched a reflex in my life and trying to decipher ISO, Fn, Aperture, AEL, and a whole host of other terms that are totally foreign to me and I take a picture remembering one thing,

“Turn the little dial thing to Landscape mode”.

Voila, it’s done.

Now when a bad photo is taken the bad workman can blame his tool of course. The problem I have now of course is that the camera has now proved to me that it can do the job so any problems are because I don’t focus correctly, I don’t point the camera well, my composition sucks, I am just trying to make something that doesn’t look good into something spectacular etc… In other words it is my fault and my responsibility.

However let’s look on the bright side, it also means that now I actually have a tool that can save me hours and make my images a whole lot more satisfying when they are put into Valencia Property or our Facebook page. And if just one image means an extra sale then the return on investment is huge.

This is also true of course with other tools in other areas. Tools that make things easier, better and more satisfying to do abound.

So what do I use on a daily basis that I can heartily recommend?

Market Samurai; Market Samurai has been described as the Swiss Army Knife of internet marketing tools. Whenever I am setting up a new website, something I do at least four or five times a week, I dip into Market Samurai.

Kodak Zi8; I got the camera without a video option because I don’t need it. The stunning HD quality of the Zi8 was what helped me to make 100 videos in four days last summer, you can see the quality of them on my YouTube channel. If I didn’t have my Zi8 I might not have ever attempted it.

AMA; Article Marketing Automation takes my articles and spreads them around the web getting me backlinks to my websites and social media profiles like wildfire. It’s a relatively costly monthly fee but is well worth it just because it does exactly what it purports to without any mesing about and I can give my outsourcers the details of how to use it and they understand it easily and leverage the tool for me.

The Mac; The Mac is fun to use, no viruses around and no constant crashes like when I had a PC. However what it also did was improved my productivity by well over 100%. More articles, more videos and more images because everything is so easy to use and it all comes free with the machine. The Mac as a productivity device is one of its lesser known attributes. It is not just for posing with.

The iPad; This might be just for posing but also the time savings and productivity increase it gives while at the same time being great fun to use is astounding. If anyone ever tells you it is not worth it, tell them where to get off. Concentrate on what it can do not what it doesn’t do. It is truly stunning.

My camera; So now I have a Sony a350 and for a beginner photographer like myself I give it a huge recommendation, if only because it means I can snap a photograph like this below without actually doing any work.

Javea and The Arenal

Javea and The Arenal

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