Jul 202012
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After last weeks post about opting out of the virtual life and deciding to do something in the 25 minutes a day that one Pomodoro session can give me I would like to thank you all for the suggestions. They came in on Twitter and Facebook mostly which was interesting as the blog itself didn’t elicit the same sort of response.

Anyway I had two favourite suggestions and one of them has been started already. I have been and will be meditating for one Pomodoro session per day for the foreseeable future. I actually started to do this some years ago and kept it up for around two years so I know the basics of it and what to do. However it took me time to actually stop my mind racing and discussing with itself the rest of the day. That only stopped when I started listening to binaural beats rainfall and gongs whilst doing it and I could actually concentrate on the meditation and letting things go (There is a link at number three below for a really cheap brainwave entrapment product that does the job nicely). The second problem once I started to be able to let things wash over me rather than concentrating on them was that I would fall asleep within a few minutes of starting the meditation session even when sitting up. Therefore I resolved to meditate if I ever had a sleep problem of course, not that I have, generally I am the type of person who sleeps almost immediately and is difficult to wake, (I should have entered the Spanish siesta competition in Madrid last week) Nevertheless if you are the sort of person who has insomnia issues I would recommend you give meditation a try.

So continuing this evening I will be starting one Pomodoro meditation session every day. I will be using the binaural beats rainfall MP3 I have, different to the one below as it is 30 minutes in total, and I will be documenting the results, if any, over the following weeks and months. By the way if I stop doing it you will be told too.

If you have any suggestions as to good practice and what I should expect from meditation sessions then please feel free to post in the comments below.

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