Aug 232012

It has been a hard week in Spain, a very hard week.

Spain has asked for a bailout more or less, the Valencian community has today asked for a bailout from Spain and I know a lot of people who would love their part of the bailout from the Valencian Community.

It has been hot, stifling at times, and the unremitting bad news has come at Spain every day, but what the hell right, as I am writing this Spain are beating Argentina 61-36 at the end of the second quarter in the Basketball so everything is Ok of course.

Some of the police are continuing to beat up protestors on the streets of Spain, but only after the protesting firemen have gone home because they know they would get some back from them, some of the police have started to join the protests and refuse to break up peaceful dissent.

With this as the background I have stopped.

Got home this evening and have just sat around watching Dynamo, Magician Impossible, (And yes I wish he were my kids’ uncle or something, just imagine the kids’ parties) had a Guinness, played around on Facebook, watched a bit of Brazil stuffing Team GB and wallowed in doing nothing (At one stage I even became an iPad stand for Anita). Couldn’t be bothered cooking anything or even heating something up so ate a bowl of cherries.

About to pop into the swimming pool for a dip, because life isn’t bad of course in our little bubble despite everything we are surrounded by at the moment (Things are still going really well here in our home World) and then I will actually sleep tonight, putting the AC on to keep cool. The other half and the two small ones are out until late and the eldest is upstairs playing on her guitar.

I have to say this evening is chilled.

However it is a frustrating feeling for me because it is unusual. I don’t get to a loose end normally. I just do stuff and then more stuff and the stuff I do piles on top of the other stuff and sometimes the magic works, at others it doesn’t. After spending a month working on an iPad only Spanish property magazine, the wait for the app approval from Apple and then to submit the first mag is killing me.

When I wake up tomorrow will I be reinvigorated or will this “pereza” continue? If it does a change is needed. A crash diet of information restriction. After all if I don’t know the problems in the World they cannot get me down. I have done it before and I will do it again I suppose. Google Reader! You are in the crosshairs.

@grahunt on Twitter By The Way

@grahunt on Twitter By The Way

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