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Here I am sitting having lunch and wondering if it is possible to be too busy? The last week has been a haze of doing stuff and all of it for a change is heading in the right direction but focus is totally impossible with all of these things requiring time and differing skillsets. So what is happening?

1) I have a queue of clients waiting to come and see properties in Valencia and I have a lack of offer at the moment. That is not too bad but it means I have to go out and photograph and gauge properties as to their suitability for each client based on the feedback I have from them. Hopefully my new look website, Valencia Property, as you read this the old version is still up, will be ready very soon.

2) The Bootstrapping Book, now transmogrified into the Work in Spain book is ready. I have placed it into a couple of new websites www.workinspain.co and www.workinspain.org to do a simple split test. This took a lot longer than it normally would due to a rogue installation of WordPress on one of the sites. The sales page is done, the affiliate page is done, and the delivery page is now finished. So the question is when to launch it officially. Time will tell but the start of next week is looking favourite. Meanwhile if you want to buy it now and get ahead of the crowd just mooch on over to www.workinspain.co and order it. Simple checkout using Paypal or Credit Card through e-junkie. Or you could just click on the book cover.

Work in Spain The Bootstrapping Book

Work in Spain The Bootstrapping Book

3) I am working on a project with twenty other people. Excellent learning experience and also great to interact with people on projects but there are only so many hours in the day aren’t there.

4) The 100 videos project is still ongoing. As I write this we are up to number 52 and the feedback is excellent with offers of video work and social media work coming out of it too. But again there is a time issue.

5) The www.eldesafiodeinternet.com project has taken a bit of a backseat this week as I have been working on Screenflow videos for the www.marketsamurai.es project. If that last sentence means nothing to you then just “keep on walking there is nothing to see here people”.

Now ally that to a new rental website, an offer of collaboration on a property rental site, a group of Chinese investors wanting to come into Valencia, an offer to give social media conferences and my incipient love of all things social media and you can see where my problem may well be.

Luckily I can knock out blog posts in about ten minutes but then promoting them is another thing

Where would you draw the line?

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(And by the way if you want to use the absolutely magnificent Screenflow then buy it below. However it is just for Macs)

Buy ScreenFlow 2

  10 Responses to “Where Would You Draw The Line”

  1. […] Sep Where would you draw the line if you were doing this much. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that at least I […]

  2. The answer, of course, is to concentrate upon our marvellous new book – The Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain’! This should be the benchmark book on the subject and, at over 60,000 words and 329 pages, this is no ‘mere’ e-book. This is a serious work and should help anyone needing to make money in Spain. Practical and authoritative it has already been well reviews – see http://www.workinspain.co

  3. Good grief! I thought I was busy. I think you’ve seriously got to look at the ROI (probably income) from each of these and cut some out.

    I went through this recently and clawed back 5 or 6 hours a week that I am able to now spend on stuff which earns me decent money.

  4. Wow! I knew you were a machine but I never realised just how much you manage to achieve each day!

    I can understand your concern over how much you are doing – at some point something has to give – but as long as it is working for you and you are enjoying it, keep going.

    At some point you’ll realise what needs to go and what should stay (hopefully before you collapse from exhaustion – remember your health should come first – no more trips to the emergency room!)


  5. @lisa I think it gave last Monday when i spent the night in hospital on a drip!
    @mike You may well be right Mike but what to give up
    @nick Total spam mate but i will let you get away with it 🙂

  6. Mike CJ is right, of course, but I’m just as bad, with six projects on the go right now and, at midnight, reading a blog post and commenting! Seriously, what you’ve got going will either start running with less input from you, end naturally, or need canning because they’re not working as well as you hoped. By that time of course, you’ll have some more projects that excite you coming on through, so you may as well embrace your busy life and enjoy it!

  7. @Barry I enjoy it all right but I am beginning to onder where my limit is 🙂

  8. Dios mio…thats a lot of projects! Would be good if someone could invent more hours to the day, but then I guess we would find more things to do in the extra hours!

    I think the important thing is to enjoy what you are doing and at the same time earn some decent money! But dont over do it!

    Michelle 🙂

  9. Phewww!! Sounds like you need a few days break in the tranquil countryside of Mallorca, a hammock; a caipirinha and I suppose regulated access to wifi!!! Priority number one:Book your flights now! See you soon – Roger

  10. Looking for a flight for 15th or 22nd at the moment Roger!

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