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BBVA Spanish Bank Is Useless

BBVA Spanish Bank Is Useless

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What should I write about tonight for Entrepreneur Solo. Oh yes, Spanish banks!

The BBVA!! and I have deleted the expletive between “The” and “BBVA” there

I was on holiday last week and discovered that I had used my credit card to the tune of 221 Euros. Now this was a credit card that I don’t have so I thought I would ask my useless bank to give me a printout. They did and I looked and found out that apparently at some stage during July I was in the Carribbean spending my cash. Now I know I was a bit tired in July and forgot some stuff but I am sure I would have remembered going to the Carribbean.

Anyway I said I haven’t made those payments of course and because I was away on holiday they told me I would have to sort it out at my branch on Monday. It turns out that we worked out in the intervening time that the card had arrived in the post already opened and on the same day we had phoned the bank to cancel the card and get another to replace it. We confirmed the phone call to the bank on the 25th of May in my local branch.

Here is where it gets interesting.

On Monday, I went into my branch to sort it out and entered the Twilight Zone.

Firstly I didn’t cancel the card apparently it was just blocked. However a block on a Spanish credit card doesn’t actually mean it cannot be used apparently so a block is not a block.

Secondly, they put a stronger block on it so I pointed out as the first block hadn’t really worked as a block means nothing it would be better if they could actually really cancel it this time.

However in order to do this I had to report it as being robbed in the police station. ie I had to lie to the Police to save them from their own incompetence.

Two and a half hours later after sitting around at the Comisaria, I returned. I needed, the “denuncia” which was done not in triplicate but 6 copies!!!, my NIE number and a copy of it, a letter that I signed saying what had happened and detailing all of the transactions that are “Disputed” Did you get that DISPUTED!

So they send me a card I didn’t ask for with 4500 Euros credit on it. It arrives opened by somebody in the postal service so we immediately ring the bank and they offer to cancel and replace it. They allow it to be used two months later and I have to spend five hours of my morning sorting it out because of their negligence in not cancelling it. And they make me lie to the police!

Why do you think that the BBVA will be losing my business and that of any potential client of mine as I cannot recommend this service. So my wife’s wages will now go into another bank and they will not benefit from any actions taken by my businesses and all for not immediately giving me back 221 Euros.

Now if you like this story and would like it to go a bit viral then please feel free to retweet, like on Facebook, send to your friends, even send to anyone you know who works at the bank in question the BBVA of course. And remember, never ever use the BBVA bank in Spain because when they seriously get something wrong you have to sort it out and they still don’t give you the money back immediately.

Spanish businesses generally do just not get it. Spanish banks haven’t got a F***ing clue.

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  7 Responses to “Why Spanish Banks Are Absolutely Useless: A Rant”

  1. Though I have to say that Barclaycard failed to cancel a card I cancelled over the phone after a house burglary. Fortunately the burglars didnĀ“t try to use the card in the mean time but it could have been nasty.

  2. I don’t have any experience of BBVA, but I can just imagine this scenario playing out.

    Banco Santander on the other hand…..*!)))**!!!

  3. Yes, indeed! Some Spanish banks are simply incredible for their sheer arrogance – let alone incompetence. Sadly, I think much is due to the almost total security of permanent contracts. These, like for funcionarios, mean that an embedded employee can virtually never be sacked (or their sacking is outrageously expensive). Ergo – no-one cares!

  4. Barclays have an automated phone system that telephones you first and if you answer promptly loses your call befor putting you through to an agent telephonist. if you do actually speak to someone they want you to give them your FULL BANK DETAILS and DNI !!! Before telling you what its about !!!! As if!!! And when it finally comes to light what they want its about a late mortgage payment that isn’y late and isn’t mine. There are at least six different numbers they call from. After explining their error they go away and ten minutes later another call, another, another and another any time, day and night and middle of night. Its nothing short of HARRASSMENT! There is no such thing as CUSTOMER SERVICE in Spain…..a great opportunity for EXPAT to9 EXPAT Entrepreneurs

  5. Oh the stories I could tell about the Santander….

  6. Is correct

  7. Is also correct

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