Jul 202012

Sometimes you just want to turn off but you cannot do it. Too much to do and too many possibilities in life.

Welcome to the Spanish Summer of work. The temperature is about to hit 40 degrees in certain parts of Spain today and it looks like being that way for a while, about two months. Ever tried working in that temperature?

Working the Summer in Spain

Working the Summer in Spain

Traditionally Spain takes some time out in the summer. The siesta is a godsend lying on a bed with either the air conditioning or a whirring fan in the background as you catch up on some sleep not taken the night before because it was too warm.

However one of the other traditions of Spain is dying out slowly, the month long break away. Some people still do it, they go away to the seaside or their village for a month and totally disconnect. However the “crisis” means that people are still hustling now, trying to weedle out some extra customers in the summer months so that their income is a little more predictable, after all their outgoings are still the same with the rent and taxes on any shop not stopping for a month.

I remember the good old days though. I was working at a trade fair in Madrid between the 26th and 28th of August one year and every evening when we came out of our air conditioned environment into the stifling Madrid heat we were surprised to find… Nothing… Nobody. The roads were dead. You could cross eight lane highways without looking to either side, finding an open restaurant was virtually impossible and getting anything official done… Don’t make me laugh.

Spain is changing slowly, being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and it is not necessarily a good thing. However pockets of the country are still holding onto the traditional lifestyle. Have a look at this article about Extremadura and then think about whether entrepreneurship is big around there.

Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? however remember Extremadura translates as “extremely hard” expect those plus 40 temperatures for around three to four months in the summer and the winters can get bitter! One day I will visit but living in a place with that name and lifestyle is a bit beyond me now. I am not ready to slow down yet.

Anyway have a look at the articles below too if you like this one as they also talk about working in Spain.

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