Interesting Videos By Entrepreneurs


This is a sort of aide du memoire for me (French is not my strong point by the way) So I am just putting in here some videos that remind me of what we should all be working towards. Here is a great video although the elimination is rather extreme.

And the guy’s blog is here. Have a look

The second of our videos also comes from the Tim Ferriss school of location independence. Have a look at what Austin did while travelling. Pretty darn cool.

His website is here by the way, Full Foundation. The coolest thing of all is that I think he used my virtual assistant!

The next one is a generic video about what entrepreneurs do. Made especially for the States but applicable anywhere. For more information go to

Having been to Buenos Aires I am really happy to see this video by B’Aires. Sarah Pemberton is a young entrepreneur bringing Buenos Aires culture and style to the States. And I like the way she is realistic and rather altruistic about her goals for the business. Have a look.

And this is a message for everyone about keeping your eye on the prize. Great message and decent song too.

This one reminds us that what we should be doing is making something from nothing.

Why we should raise kids to be entrepreneurs.

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