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You would think it was easy really in a country of almost 6 million unemployed. You would think so but it isn’t. Simply put if you are looking for someone to fill a job in Spain it should be easy. Out there somewhere there is the ideal candidate, in fact there are probably thousands, but finding them is proving rather difficult.

So what is the job?

Well I have been collaborating with a Hedge Fund here in Valencia for some time now. They are looking for business opportunities to buy debt in Spain, forfeit finance for exporters, IOU’s from local, regional and national governments, preferred shares, bonds, shares that sort of thing. There is an opportunity to work with them and create a large presence in the Spanish market from a base in Valencia so we put out a little job advert as you can see below.

“Se busca un economista joven con excelentes conocimientos de Excel e inglés para trabajar con un fondo de inversión en España con base en Valencia. Grandes posibilidades de retribuciones muy altas a corto y medio plazo.

Inglés nivel muy alto
Excel nivel muy alto
Conocimiento de Forfeit Finance sería una ventaja
Francés/Italiano opcional pero una ventaja
Aplicación de teoría.
Buena presencia personal y telefónica.

Es una oportunidad y no se requiere experiencia sino muchas ganas de montar algo serio a nivel Europeo en conjunto con un Fondo de inversión.

Se harán las entrevistas en Valencia.”

Envía curriculum a me@grahamhunt.co

They are looking for someone in Valencia with or without experience who knows English and Excel. I am acting to help them with the interview process and choosing the right candidate. So the bar isn’t too high but it must be someone who is comfortable in face to face and telephone meetings and that person has to be really flexible in the hours worked as much of the business is done in face to face meetings around the country and abroad. Therefore it was put out to the social network believing that we would have people falling over themselves to be given the opportunity.

And the results have been… not good.

The step of actually replying and putting oneself for the job seems to be beyond most people. So far there has only been one person who more or less fills the profile required and that person is actually based in the Canary Islands. Without discounting anyone yet we would really love to have a variety of candidates for me to filter. There is a really good chance of making a really good salary in this job and yet currently w feel it may be better to take on a recently qualified University student on a 4-6 month trial basis.

My question is simple how would you find someone who fits the bill?  

Photo by @DaveJBull on Twitter

Photo by @DaveJBull on Twitter


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