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If you are thinking of starting up a business and moving on in life then there are always certain books that will help you apart from the obvious ebooks. I have chosen five books that should be read and will be posting a why for each of them over the next few weeks. Some of them are rather obvious and a couple are a little more left field. However if you want some interesting tactics as regards how to run a business and how to move it on and ramp it up then you could do a lot worse than the following list

1) Who Moved My Cheese – Spencer Johnson (I have changed direction a couple of times after reading this book and realising what wasn’t working and what was)

2) The Success Principles – Jack Canfield. Not just a new age Guru, Jack Canfield is also a business start up specialist who has been helping thousands of people for years to set up businesses and follow their dreams.

3) The Four Hour WorkweekTimothy Ferriss. Mentioned various times on this blog, the 4HWW is simply stunning in its ideas to reduce complexity and excess in life to give more time

4) OutliersMalcolm Gladwell. I read this very recently based on a recommendation from a Mentor of mine and again was blown away. Basically there is no such thing as a genius (Apart from yours truly ;-)) and you just need to pu the hours in

5) Business Stripped BareRichard Branson. My business hero in so many ways despite the iffy haircuts. Branson takes ideas and squeezes them until their pips squeak. How to blag, negotiate and plan with the end in mind.

More to come on each of these but make sure you look at them if you really want to understand how to move yourself or your business forward.

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