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I have been working on a project which has seen the light this week six months after conception. But it is interesting to see how a project can develop over time and how “shipping” dates can easily slip as a minor project becomes more and more important.

In February, I met up with the author Nick Snelling and mentioned how I thought it would be a good idea to write a book to help out expats living in Spain who were having troubles in the current economic crisis. Now we are both estate agents and had seen clients crash and burn in Spain numerous times because of the lack of a plan for making money. The big question was, is it possible to actually earn a living in Spain especially if you don’t have the language skills? We threw the idea back and forth and came up with the idea of an 80 page ebook telling people of the various options.

Now Nick is a perfectionist and I suppose that I am too so this 80 page quick one month project became a much more involved 329 page, 16 chapter masterpiece that covers 10 options for earning money in Spain, or anywhere else for that matter. Six months of batting things back and forward between us, getting experts in each area to give us their opinions and recording interviews to put together a good looking, hugely relevant book for anyone who wants or needs to earn extra money and is currently living in Spain or thinking of moving to Spain.

We have concentrated more on the internet, 70% of the options are for online work for which you can start working with very little outlay and just 30% are for offline, real world businesses that again require little or no startup cost. Because of this the initial title was going to be “The Bootstrapping Book” and while working on it that was the working title. Just on finishing we realised that Bootstrapping is a term used much more in the States although it is featured originally in the “Adventures of Baron Munchausen” and various people we know didn’t know what it meant.

We decided that it should be more focussed on Spain because that is what we have written it for despite the fact that the principles of the internet part at least are universal. So “The Secrets of Living and Working in Spain” the original strapline is now the title.

We just call it “Secrets”.

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Work in Spain The Bootstrapping Book
Work in Spain The Bootstrapping Book

What gives us the right to call ourselves experts in this area then? Over 30 years of experience in Spain between us. Many different business ventures between us and perhaps more importantly a good view of what has worked for both us and our clients over the years and what hasn’t worked.

So secrets it is and six months it has been. Now we are on a carousel of interviews, press releases, article marketing and backlinking to the Work In Spain site to get more interest in the book and get it out to those people who need it.

More in the next post.

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