Jul 202012

Market Samurai

One of the things that everyone who is going to get involved in being an entrepreneur needs to recognise these days is there is a huge likelihood that the business you deal in will spend much of its time and efforts on the web. A totally offline web business these days is very difficult to maintain and also difficult to leverage.

Market Samurai Keyword Research

Market Samurai Keyword Research

As you will spend most of your time on the web it makes total sense to use the best tools available to make sure you do not violate the three golden rules of web marketing. What are those three golden rules?

Simply go along to the link here and sign up for a free 12 day trial of Market Samurai. There has never before been a tool that can help you avoid major errors so easily. For example, choosing to go into a market where there is no traffic. Another, choosing to go into a market where the competition is brutal. If you make either of these two errors you can really forget about making money or getting leads online.

How do I use Market Samurai? Well I have had it for well over a year now and I use it everyday in my businesses. I use it to track what is happening with my websites. I get backlinks and trackbacks. I check out the competition and where their backlinks are coming from. I find content that I can repurpose into my own words for writing. I find stuff that my market will be interested in and link to them. I find products to promote that complement my niche and my readers and website visitors will appreciate. It doesn’t yet cook my breakfast but I am sure that the module that does this is not far off.

The product also has its own training so that you can easily find how to use it. You go into the Dojo as they call it and it will tell you lots of great information and many of the hidden things that you can do with Market Samurai.

The most interesting thing about Market Samurai is that they are so confident about it that they let you use it for free for 12 days to show you the power and then even if you don’t buy at their ridiulously cheap price they still let you use the keyword research part of the tool for free forever. They also upgrade the product regularly with new content and faster results as well as providing the best ongoing training.

If you have any doubts remember that this is totally free to use for twelve days and if you decide to buy it you get free upgrades for life and there is never a monthly payment plan either, what you pay is your final amount.

I don’t  recommend anything lightly but this and what you see below are what make my businesses tick.

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