Jun 222012

I have recently had smoke blown up my a*** by various people saying how well I do social media and marketing online for my estate agency. They have asked me to give them some tips for their businesses which I have happily done (If they start taking the Michael then I will charge)

Anyway, point being, I was asked by some estate agents in Spain what they should be doing so I directed them to my Web Marketing for Estate Agents book. (They haven’t bought it yet)

Lots of them don’t believe me when I tell them that my agency is doing much much better than it was last year and last year it was better than the year before and again 2009 was better than 2008 which was a total disaster of course. They say that the economy doesn’t lie; it does because it generalizes, they say that property sales are down; they are but there are far fewer agents to compete with and therefore more potential clients and they say prove it!

I tell them the only way to prove it is to experience it. So buy the book and put it into practice. The crisis mindset is not a very good one to have if you are hoping to sell property is it!

Competition now is a lot less so you only have to make a modicum of extra incremental effort in order to do better than the majority of agents who are not actually making any extra effort they are just sitting on their hands in their overpriced offices waiting for clients to walk in the door.

Let’s look at a story in order to illustrate this. I first heard this from Eugene Ware at a conference about SEO where it is equally applicable

Two guys asking through the savannah in Africa (Don’t ask me why) Suddenly they see a lion approaching. One of them has a pair of running shoes round his shoulders and he immediately starts to put them on (Again don’t ask why he had running shoes with him or even why the lion waits for him to tie his laces) His mate says, “Why are you doing that, you have got no chance of outrunning the lion?” The reply is obvious. “I don’t need to outrun the lion, I just need to outrun you” (At which point his mate kicks him in the B*lls and runs off leaving him to the lion for being such a bad mate)

However the point is clear, to get a client you only need to be better than the competition. How do you get to be better than the competition? You treat your client well. You do things that keep them coming back to you. You make sure the experience when dealing with your company on or offline is a good one.

So to all you estate agents asking what I do, how I do it and why I do it, I have got my running shoes on but I didn’t tell you why so you couldn’t kick me where it hurts first.

Now can you keep up or overtake me.

Get the book, follow the tips and make it better.

Web Marketing For Estate Agents

Web Marketing For Estate Agents

Web Marketing For Estate Agents

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