Nov 122012

I have said it for some time but now I think it is time to walk the walk (If I have time) For some time the phrase “Spain is seven years behind the rest of the World on the net and therefore it is a great opportunity,” has been passing my lips on a regular basis. When I made a presentation at the #ComunicaT conferences in Valencia recently I emphasized this to the students and others present and for some people it didn’t go down too well, for most they got the idea.

Las Herramientas

Las Herramientas

In some ways Spain is ahead of many other countries, smartphone usage is way ahead of most other countries because of the dislike of Telefonica and a few other reasons which I won’t go into here including the love of shiny new things in the Spanish market, but I still insist that Spain is 7-10 years behind on many things on the internet.

Flash websites abound. (That is websites made with Flash)

People think that using a credit card online is not an option as it is unsafe.

Most people have never heard of Paypal.

If you don’t believe me let’s take an example of one of the biggest companies in the World in their business, Zara. They only actually started to sell clothes through an e-commerce store in 2010 and no, 2010 is not a mistype.

So anyway I thought it was time to teach people here that something else is possible and I went out and bought a domain tonight which I have no intention of selling for a change 😉 The domain is aimed at teaching people the tools that are available for them on the net in orde to run a viable business. It will have the short cuts, the ideas and the software programmes that can be used in order to scale any online effort at making a business. The Spanish in it might not be perfect but hopefully it will act as a place where Spanish speaking online entrepreneurs can get started in making sure that they can reduce the time and effort needed to get up and running.

Now I know perfectly well that there are entrepreneurs in Spain working online and doing quite nicely thank you. However this is not for them. This is for the huge numbers of people that would like to make a start but don’t really know where or how.

If you want to keep tabs on us then take a look at the site and bookmark it.

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  2 Responses to “The Seven Year Timelapse”

  1. I’d love to participate on — it’s just that I don’t understand Spanish so well and Google Translate doesn’t make it a lot easier.

    Oh well. If you ever take the boat over the mediterranean sea to Morocco — holler at me. I’d love to meet up! Left my e-mail adress above 😉

    /Nabil, currently living in Sweden.

  2. Well said, Graham. It really is quite extraordinary that Spain is so far behind (even dinosaurs like me). However, I am sure that they will be picking it up at an exponential rate. This means there is plenty to be done by anyone already up to speed…

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