Nov 122012

Possibly a year or so ago I would just have thrown myself into buying this domain. The searches are decent, though nothing mind blowing, but having the exact match domain that is available for sale for a song might have been interesting (Despite what Matt at Google says)

Luckily I have Market Samurai to hand so I haven’t plunged in head first into this buying opportunity.

Here are the details.

The keyphrase that I was looking at was three words. It is to do with property of course. The .com domain is available for virtually nothing. Therefore we had to look at various factors and these factors control whether a domain is going to be bought.

The first thing to look at is the number of daily searches that the number one result in Google can expect to receive (Because that is our long term goal for the domain of course) In this case it was 40 which is not great but if the competition was low and the returns could mean an excellent lead generation site then it could be worth it.

However in the PBR column in Market Samurai’s keyword research tab the first red light comes up. The PBR is 6% (Phrase to Broad Match Ratio). Let me explain, those 40 visits are not for the three word term but for searches encompassing those three keywords. Without giving you the search term here let us give an example. If we search for “New Build Property” it could also be included in “New build property in Spain”, “Spanish New build property”, or even “New build property in Lapland near Father Christmas’ House” (And seriously there are not many searches for that term, I have checked)

So after seeing the first red light the second comes up. The competition. There are 26.8 million sites in competition to be number one for that term it theory!! I have a line in the sand above which I would not even try to compete other than when it is an extremely long term project and worth it. In this case for the number of searches the number would have to be extremely small, in fact minuscule! Let’s just say those numbers are not miniscule.

Finally if I have decided I may want to compete here and there is a possibility (Which isn’t the case here but just in case you thought I was mad and might want to, here goes) then I open the SEO Competition tab to look at what sort of competition there is in the top ten. In this case the number six result has 437000 backlinks (A lot) is 13 years old (Also a lot) is Google PR5 (A lot). Virtually all of the sites in the top ten are listed both in the DMOZ and Yahoo directories so really there is little hope on a short or medium term of ranking the site.

If I was still determined to do something and went and bought the domain because I am stubborn, stupid or insane, then simply put I would bite the bullet and do some adwords on it 😉

So you see the value of Market Samurai here. If I go into the Google Keyword Tool then I can see the supposed number of searches per day. I might think “Yeah it is worth it” Let’s do it” Market Samurai has just saved me possibly hundreds of hours of unnecessary work possibly for nothing.

What online tools do you rely on every day?

Market Samurai Keyword Research

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