Jan 262013
Where Would You Draw The Line

Here I am sitting having lunch and wondering if it is possible to be too busy? The last week has been a haze of doing stuff and all of it for a change is heading in the right direction but focus is totally impossible with all of these things requiring time and differing skillsets. So what is happening?

Nov 122012
Confusion: When You Lose A Bit Of Focus

I have to admit that sometimes I just confuse myself. If I lose focus for a time I can easily forget a project for a few days and this month is a month for losing focus. Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday, next week my daughter’s 18th and at the start of next month my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday.

Mar 112012
Opportunity Cost For Entrepreneurs

When you are an entrepreneur you see opportunities at every turn. This week for example I have had ideas of at least four possibilities for putting together a business. So what I want to talk about today is opportunity cost Opportunity cost is one of the biggest, most important things that you should take into account when starting a new project because you can use so much time doing a project that really hasn’t got the potential to make itself […]

Dec 282011

I have been seriously neglecting this blog. There are many reasons but I am not going to go into excuses here, just to tell you I have been unfaithful. I am writing my best stuff on two other sites at the moment, http://www.blokesontheblog.co.uk and as a guest post author on http://www.birdsontheblog.co.uk. Therefore not much is coming on here that is new. Ally that to the summer and the ridiculous number of clients coming into http://www.Valencia-property.com then you can see that […]

Mar 132011
Bridging the Gap From Point A to Point B

Answer me a question.

What’s a domain?

And another.

What’s a website?

And a last one.

What’s the difference?

Now you my dear reader know the difference and think that this is a stupid question because you are an intelligent and multifaceted being.