Jan 262013
What You Need To Start An Online Business 2

We have talked about enthusiasm, an idea and being tenacious and these are admirable qualities that are needed to start up a business. One of the things that is most overlooked is being in the right place at the right time and being quick to act. However this is not a business, it is simply an opportunity.

Jan 112013
Dia de la Persona Emprendedora en Valencia

I am currently at the #dpecv at Feria Valencia. If you want to know more about what is going on then follow me on Twitter at @e_solo or @grahunt. I will update this blog tonight when finished here. I have been harsh on Spanish entrepreneurs in the past but it is good to see so far today loads of people and ideas and what looks like a younger generation coming through that don’t want to stick with traditional working lives. However if you watch the video you will find a kicker at the end. All is not as it seems.

May 132012
Third Party Installed Perceptions

I walk into a room and I start telling you how great I am, how I can solve all of your problems and that my company is the best. You tell me to go forth and multiply or when you finally get away from me you tell everyone else what a total pr**k I am.

Jan 042012
Social Media and the Art of Self Deception

I was reading an excellent and very sad article today on recommendation of @SarahArrow about a social media consultant/expert etcetera who killed his son and then killed himself. It’s sad but it was presented in the wrong way. He wasn’t online entrepreneur. He was un-(Or under)-employed. He had recently got a job as a forklift truck driver. And yet if you looked at his social media stream you would think that he was involved heavily in making money from blogging and social media. A potential guru of course.

He wasn’t making money and he wasn’t a Guru.

Dec 282011

I have been seriously neglecting this blog. There are many reasons but I am not going to go into excuses here, just to tell you I have been unfaithful. I am writing my best stuff on two other sites at the moment, http://www.blokesontheblog.co.uk and as a guest post author on http://www.birdsontheblog.co.uk. Therefore not much is coming on here that is new. Ally that to the summer and the ridiculous number of clients coming into http://www.Valencia-property.com then you can see that […]

Aug 292011
Woody Allen Told Me To Turn Up

I have been thinking about how things have changed in my life recently and realised something that I have known intuitively all along but maybe hadn’t put all of the things together into a coherent whole. Now I can’t remember the exact percentage but I believe that Woody Allen once said that 90% of success was just turning up.

Feb 122011
Cialdini and Baby Steps. Leading Your Client To Where You Want Them

I am sure you have heard the stories about American soldiers captured by the Chinese and later appearing on television denouncing their country and praising communism. What? You haven’t! If you haven’t let me tell you here how they did it.