Jan 262013
Hitting Your Targets Online

One of my mentors constantly insists, “You cannot manage what you don’t measure” Therefore he insists I measure everything of course and then split test different things to see if they are working or not. If they do then I get to do more of it even if I don’t like it, and if it isn’t then I get to leave it and try something else.

Jan 262013
Facebook Are Looking For Beta Testers

Facebook are looking for beta testers for a new product. You need to be able to write authoritatively about subjects, mmm I wonder why? Oh yeah, Facebook Wiki. Anyway if you think you can write in an authoritative way then look at the questions below. I have placed my answers in there to give you an example.

Jan 142013
Progress on The Bootstrapping Book and an Interview

As you will know if you have been following the blog I am co-writing a book at the moment. Tentatively called “The Bootstrapping Book – How to start up a business from nothing” (Catchy title I know) it comprises ten chapters with various ideas for getting started in your own business without having to buy stock, rent a place to conduct your business or, in essence, put money down.

Jan 112013
Desvirtualizando In Valencia

In Spanish the term in social media circles is “Desvirtualizar” and last night I did just that. What it means is to meet people in real life that you know in virtual reality, or rather online.

So last night I went out with my other half to meet a group of people some of whom I already knew online but only two of whom I had previously met in the flesh.

Nov 222012
Ridiculous Posts and Linkbaiting

My Hitler video has been described variously as hilarious, brilliant, stunning, really funny and extremely clever but it was also called linkbait. Now linkbait is where you just put something up to create a bit of controversy and therefore get more traffic to your site. I wouldn’t spend five hours working on something just for a bit of linkbait though, I would diss somebody in text!

Aug 082012
Conceptualising The Net and Making Money

I have to say that it took me some time to realise that you could actually, and I hate this word, monetise the internet. For years I understood that you had to physically sell something on the internet to actually earn money. The reason was simple. I had an estate agency and the internet generated leads in the form of clients who came over and bought a house for sale in Spain. Simple really. However that is slightly removed from actually earning money on the internet. That is a real world business supported by a shop window of the internet presence.

May 132012
Third Party Installed Perceptions

I walk into a room and I start telling you how great I am, how I can solve all of your problems and that my company is the best. You tell me to go forth and multiply or when you finally get away from me you tell everyone else what a total pr**k I am.

Jan 242012
What The ... Is Farmville For

I mean come on. I had the misfortune of seeing Farmville being used a couple of weeks ago and I was left rather underwhelmed. In fact my whelm has never been more under. What is the attraction?

Dec 182011
Finishing Something That You Started

I don’t like to leave things unfinished. Do you? Therefore when I suggested to myself that it might be a good idea to produce a lot of videos very quickly it seemed like an interesting challenge. However I know myself intimately after so many years in my company and I knew if I didn’t put a huge hole in the project very quickly and get the whole World as accountability partners making sure I followed through on the project that it might fizzle out a bit.

Dec 122011
The Cheap Click Code Review

In my never ending quest to be useful to you I buy stuff, in this case the Cheap Click Code, look at it and then review it for you and tell you if it is any good. With the ever increasing price of clicks in Google my eye was drawn this week to something that promised me clicks to my ads at between 0.03c and 0.07c for keywords that cost anything between $1 and $4 in Google normally.