Jan 262013
Upside Down and Inside Out Thinking - The Battle For Spanish Society Part Three

The new labour laws in Spain were quickly hurried through Parliament last Friday. In effect the major point of them is that they make it easier to get rid of employees as you no longer need to pay them so much to sack them.

As a measure to reduce unemployment does that seem sound to you? If the only thing that has stopped companies sacking people was the fact that it is extremely expensive to do so then making it cheaper and easier short term can only do one thing: Increase Spain’s already unsustainable 23% unemployment rate even more and even faster!

Jan 262013
The Black Economy in Spain

A report has just been leaked to the press that the black economy in Spain now makes up 23.3% of all transactions. This means that a quarter of the economy in Spain doesn’t show up on the official figures for the size of the GDP for example. The figure is 5% higher than a decade ago and it is getting higher due to the famous “Crisis”.

Jan 262013
Why Spain Is Still A Great Place To Live

With the news coming out of Spain at the moment anyone might be forgiven for thinking that Spain is not a great place to live. Certainly for a lot of people things are hard at the moment in Spain and it doesn’t look like there is any chance of a quick economic recovery especially when you consider we probably have the most inept government ever seen on the face of the planet. Without an economic recovery things will continue to be difficult on the jobs front without a shadow of a doubt. However Spain can still be a great place to live for a variety of reasons as long as you have the basics in place

Jan 142013
How Do You Become The Google Of Your Market?

Living in Spain is rather strange at times. I have said before in these pages that Spanish life is rather conformist, what one person does successfully everybody else follows in general. Successful estate agents beget copycat models, and the same can be said of academies, theme bars, delicatessens and a huge etcetera. Google is the absolute killer in this area though because people started to use it and everybody else followed. Loads copied but none got traction. In fact just like in English there is a phrase which says “Look for it in Google”, ie Google it.

Jan 112013
The (In)Famous 51 Things I Have Learnt In 2012 Post

Last year I wrote a post which became quite popular about 51 things I learnt selling Spanish property in 2011. You can read it here. This year I decided to repeat it. However I thought I would only do 25 this year as I might not have learnt so much. Nevertheless, when I got round to writing it (Actually dictating it into Siri then sending it to myself) I found that the lessons just kept on flowing. So instead of […]

Aug 082012
Searching for the Long Tail

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have a new book out “The Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain” which we are hoping will be a best seller over a long period of time. To this effect we decided to eschew the now infamous internet marketing style product launch, wham bam thank you man and onto the next product, and go for the drip feed approach to launching a book.

Jul 232012
When A Post Goes Viral. "The Battle For Spanish Society" (Part Deux)

I wrote a post on here last week called “The Battle For Spanish Society” it was a slow burner but got a good initial reaction. Then after a few days it sort of went viral. Not in a big way you understand, just that everyone started sharing it and commenting on it on various social networks. The debate thus started I am able to stand back and see how the opinions start coming in and changing the format of the debate over time.

Mar 062012
The Battle For Spanish Society

Spain is at a crossroads, a place where the next moves forward could determine a lot of future outcomes for better or worse. Spain is in a fully blown crisis both of the economy and also of confidence. Spain needs change and that change cannot come too soon.

However Spain also has good raw materials. When you have good raw materials you just have to to put them together well into something that is worth it. Spain has those raw materials in my opinion but can it mix them together well, I am not too sure of that.

Feb 132012
Spanish Small Business and ROI - Probably A Lot Of Free Ice Cream

So Tell Me Again, Why Do I Need A To Be on The Internet and Do Social Networking?

Here is a conversation that I have had time and time again with Spanish businesses with very slight variations each time but it generally follows the same path. Remember the conversation is in Spanish and also remember if you don’t believe me “Spain is Different”.

Jan 242012
Even In Spain There Are Niches Everywhere

Walking around Valencia yesterday I thought I would take a few photos of offline businesses that have set up in Valencia recently.