Jan 142013
Taking Time Out: How A Project Can Take Over

This week has been a bit hectic. A new site and a new project and changing my focus a bit into Spanish. I have been making videos, doing market research and a lot more related to the opening up of www.marketsamurai.es

Jan 142013
But The French Didn't Invent The Croissant

Travelling through France I was taught one major lesson by my daughter. The French didn’t invent the croissant apparently (although she couldn’t tell me who did). She remembered who didn’t invent it but not the actual inventors. I was reminded at this at literally almost every turn in France as I became aware of how the country had changed since the last time I drove through about ten years ago.

Nov 122012
To Buy A Domain Or Not To Buy A Domain

Possibly a year or so ago I would just have thrown myself into buying this domain. The searches are decent, though nothing mind blowing, but having the exact match domain that is available for sale for a song might have been interesting (Despite what Matt at Google says)

Luckily I have Market Samurai to hand so I haven’t plunged in head first into this buying opportunity.

Oct 172012
#EBE10 Un Post Bilingue Sobre Una Conferencia

Bueno, para empezar tengo que decir que el #EBE10 se organizó a la perfección. Felicidades a los organizadores por todo el trabajo durante el año y el hecho de que lo hicieron con Ticketea un acierto más porque ni hubo un problema para nadie (Que sepa yo) Ahora bien, basta ya de flores y al grano.

Jul 202012
Market Samurai - Simply The Best

One of the things that everyone who is going to get involved in being an entrepreneur needs to recognise these days is there is a huge likelihood that the business you deal in will spend much of its time and efforts on the web. A totally offline web business these days is very difficult to maintain and also difficult to leverage.

Jul 202012

I have had an interesting eye opener this morning which has made me look at my projects through the eyes of another of course. I was sent to a website for an article about Spanish Property demolitions and it was a newspaper based in Andalucia. The article was OK, nothing spectacular of course but OK.

Mar 262012
On Being Taught A Lesson

I talk a good game.

But sometimes I don’t follow through usually because of lack of focus.

I was taught a lesson and humbled into action last weekend by my daughter. Now recently turned 18 I have taught her about buying domains and selling websites. I have bought her Market Samurai as anyone who is serious about internet marketing really should do but the truth is I didn’t really buy her it because Market Samurai comes with two licences when you buy it so you can give it to your outsourcer or in this case my daughter.

Oct 212011
Sevilla Here I Come (And London Too)

So I have booked my flight, Ryanair but cheap as chips, Valencia to Seville and I will finally get to see Sevilla. However the real reason I am off down to Seville between the 19th and 21st of November is to go to the #EBE10 conference, a conference with 2500 Spanish bloggers attending. Hopefully I will be able to show a lot of them the inner workings of Market Samurai and present to them the Desafio de Internet which looks like we will be starting after the event.

Oct 212011
The Benefits of Giving A Conference

I gave my first conference in Spanish last week. The event was the Foro Luis Vives in Valencia and it is a month long event aimed at University students to give them a start in the World of digital media and communication.