Jan 262013
Hitting Your Targets Online

One of my mentors constantly insists, “You cannot manage what you don’t measure” Therefore he insists I measure everything of course and then split test different things to see if they are working or not. If they do then I get to do more of it even if I don’t like it, and if it isn’t then I get to leave it and try something else.

Jan 112013
Desvirtualizando In Valencia

In Spanish the term in social media circles is “Desvirtualizar” and last night I did just that. What it means is to meet people in real life that you know in virtual reality, or rather online.

So last night I went out with my other half to meet a group of people some of whom I already knew online but only two of whom I had previously met in the flesh.

Aug 232012
How Twitter Has Become The New Mainstream

How did you used to follow news stories? Well I believe that if you were a TV addict, as everyone was in the 80’s and 90’s, then you tuned in at 9pm to see what was going on when the news companies decided it. Then we got rolling news channels and people started having the news on as a background noise. The the real time internet arrived and everything changed.

Oct 092011
How to Deal With a Traffic Spike on Your Website

Last week on a couple of blogs I suddenly noticed a huge traffic spike, much more traffic than expected on a couple of blogs. I had a quick look at analytics and discovered that it was all to do with the general stirke in Spain on Wednesday the 29th of September. Keyword ranking for that term had gone crazy as had searches as people due to be flying out or already here wanted to know what would be happening.

May 252011
Ever Used CFT?

CFT is an acronym for Critical Focus Time. When I am creating content for this blog or any of the others I have, when I am going through the sales process with a client I can maybe consider that CFT, when I am writing, when I am making a video, making audio or doing anything that makes the online presence greater then that is critical focus time.

Apr 082011
Opting Out Of The Vicarious Life

On Twitter I was told that the only reason I don’t watch X Factor and other such rubbish is because I live in Spain and cannot see it. My answer can be seen here:

“@microedge @LisaHartwell I am 43 Steve. I may only have 43 more yrs. Watching reality TV isn’t one of the things I intend to do in life ;-)”

More and more I live a virtual life using the Mac for many things every day including entertainment, communication and work but I don’t do the vicarious life, ie live my life through the success or failures of others.