Jan 262013
How Do You Get The Word Out About Your Business?

The old certainties in life are no longer so certain. Banks are thieves is probably the only one now they are holding onto all that taxpayer money used to bail them out. But now you can no longer rely on the yellow pages or a great location giving you the traffic in a town, what happens when the new superstore opens on the edge of town and moves the centre a few hundred yards away and footfall reduces.

Oct 172012
The Worst Idea Of All Time - How Telefonica Doesn't Get It

Telefonica has been voted on my blog as the worst company in the World. Their latest idea may well be the worst they have ever had. Before telling you about it though you need to know a bit of background. Telefonica is the ex state monopoly telephone supplier in Spain. To all intents and purposes it still is as it is the only option in most of the country if you want a telephone line.

Dec 222011
Creating Content Easily

Do you struggle to create online content? Do you know what content is? Do you make videos, podcasts, blog posts, take pictures etc…? If you do would you say there is a case for running out of steam and the initial impulse getting lost after a time.

Dec 122011
The Cheap Click Code Review

In my never ending quest to be useful to you I buy stuff, in this case the Cheap Click Code, look at it and then review it for you and tell you if it is any good. With the ever increasing price of clicks in Google my eye was drawn this week to something that promised me clicks to my ads at between 0.03c and 0.07c for keywords that cost anything between $1 and $4 in Google normally.