Jan 262013
Where Would You Draw The Line

Here I am sitting having lunch and wondering if it is possible to be too busy? The last week has been a haze of doing stuff and all of it for a change is heading in the right direction but focus is totally impossible with all of these things requiring time and differing skillsets. So what is happening?

Jan 112013
Desvirtualizando In Valencia

In Spanish the term in social media circles is “Desvirtualizar” and last night I did just that. What it means is to meet people in real life that you know in virtual reality, or rather online.

So last night I went out with my other half to meet a group of people some of whom I already knew online but only two of whom I had previously met in the flesh.

Mar 262012
On Being Taught A Lesson

I talk a good game.

But sometimes I don’t follow through usually because of lack of focus.

I was taught a lesson and humbled into action last weekend by my daughter. Now recently turned 18 I have taught her about buying domains and selling websites. I have bought her Market Samurai as anyone who is serious about internet marketing really should do but the truth is I didn’t really buy her it because Market Samurai comes with two licences when you buy it so you can give it to your outsourcer or in this case my daughter.

Jan 042012
Social Media and the Art of Self Deception

I was reading an excellent and very sad article today on recommendation of @SarahArrow about a social media consultant/expert etcetera who killed his son and then killed himself. It’s sad but it was presented in the wrong way. He wasn’t online entrepreneur. He was un-(Or under)-employed. He had recently got a job as a forklift truck driver. And yet if you looked at his social media stream you would think that he was involved heavily in making money from blogging and social media. A potential guru of course.

He wasn’t making money and he wasn’t a Guru.

Dec 182011
Finishing Something That You Started

I don’t like to leave things unfinished. Do you? Therefore when I suggested to myself that it might be a good idea to produce a lot of videos very quickly it seemed like an interesting challenge. However I know myself intimately after so many years in my company and I knew if I didn’t put a huge hole in the project very quickly and get the whole World as accountability partners making sure I followed through on the project that it might fizzle out a bit.

Mar 262011
Why You Need Good Hosting For Your Websites

If you are running an online business there are various important factors. Firstly your pages must be found, you need good rankings in Google, presence in social media and a whole lot more. You can buy traffic or you can get it naturally by rankng and ranking well. However what you must ensure more than anything is that your site is there when people click on it.

Jul 232010
Is Affiliate Marketing The Way Of The World?

I have an online friend who has very definite views on two things, MLM and affiliate or referral marketing. Now I can understand his misgivings about MLM or network marketing because 99% of the industry is smoke and mirrors with overpriced goods that do little to no good.

Jun 212010
What You Need To Start An Online Business 3

This is the third in our series of what you need to start an online business. These things are not in order because this one is urgent. If you want to know the most important thing in starting an online business then it is obviously a plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.