Jan 262013
How Do You Get The Word Out About Your Business?

The old certainties in life are no longer so certain. Banks are thieves is probably the only one now they are holding onto all that taxpayer money used to bail them out. But now you can no longer rely on the yellow pages or a great location giving you the traffic in a town, what happens when the new superstore opens on the edge of town and moves the centre a few hundred yards away and footfall reduces.

Nov 222012
Ridiculous Posts and Linkbaiting

My Hitler video has been described variously as hilarious, brilliant, stunning, really funny and extremely clever but it was also called linkbait. Now linkbait is where you just put something up to create a bit of controversy and therefore get more traffic to your site. I wouldn’t spend five hours working on something just for a bit of linkbait though, I would diss somebody in text!