Jan 262013
The Black Economy in Spain

A report has just been leaked to the press that the black economy in Spain now makes up 23.3% of all transactions. This means that a quarter of the economy in Spain doesn’t show up on the official figures for the size of the GDP for example. The figure is 5% higher than a decade ago and it is getting higher due to the famous “Crisis”.

Jan 142013
Progress on The Bootstrapping Book and an Interview

As you will know if you have been following the blog I am co-writing a book at the moment. Tentatively called “The Bootstrapping Book – How to start up a business from nothing” (Catchy title I know) it comprises ten chapters with various ideas for getting started in your own business without having to buy stock, rent a place to conduct your business or, in essence, put money down.

Jan 112013
The (In)Famous 51 Things I Have Learnt In 2012 Post

Last year I wrote a post which became quite popular about 51 things I learnt selling Spanish property in 2011. You can read it here. This year I decided to repeat it. However I thought I would only do 25 this year as I might not have learnt so much. Nevertheless, when I got round to writing it (Actually dictating it into Siri then sending it to myself) I found that the lessons just kept on flowing. So instead of […]

Nov 222012
The One Thing Spain Must Do

It costs a strangling 280 euros per month to be self-employed in Spain. The money comes out of your account come hell or high water. In a country where the average salary is below 1000 euros and 25% of the population is unemployed, this up front tax on earnings borders on criminal.

It means that good ideas don’t become small businesses, that new business models can’t be tested, and that nobody can afford to supplement their income legally.

Nov 122012
Spanish Fiestas, the Working Calendar and Contracts

Valencia had its week of fiestas last week called Fallas. Here in Spain we don’t really bother with a bank holiday on a Monday. If a fiesta is there to be enjoyed then it has to be for a much more extended time scale. Think about the upcoming Feria de Abril in Sevilla, last week’s Carnival in the Islas Canarias, the Magdalena in Castellon in the next couple of weeks and a whole host of other fiestas that exist in every small town, village and large city in the whole of Spain. They all span near to a whole week.

Aug 082012
Searching for the Long Tail

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have a new book out “The Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain” which we are hoping will be a best seller over a long period of time. To this effect we decided to eschew the now infamous internet marketing style product launch, wham bam thank you man and onto the next product, and go for the drip feed approach to launching a book.

Jul 202012
Why Spain Has a Big Problem

Normally I don’t write things that are cutting about Spain on this particular blog because when all is said and done it is a great place to live. However as I have said before there is a huge economic crisis going on at the moment and the Spanish government seems content to fiddle while the country burns in one sense.

Jun 222012
Gone Fishing In The Wrong Pond

The last five months have been rather hectic in my property businesses, Valencia Property and Houses for Sale in Spain. While the Spanish economy burns around me and I have been asked many times by other agents how are you doing it? How are you so busy and making sales while we are sat around wondering when the next client will walk in through the door? About 80% of Spanish Estate agents have closed down and more are closing on a weekly basis as the harsh reality of a market that has contracted greatly since the boom days of the early 2000’s were around. To answer this we need to go back to the Pareto Principle I talked about here and look at the 80/20 rule again.

Feb 132012
Spanish Small Business and ROI - Probably A Lot Of Free Ice Cream

So Tell Me Again, Why Do I Need A To Be on The Internet and Do Social Networking?

Here is a conversation that I have had time and time again with Spanish businesses with very slight variations each time but it generally follows the same path. Remember the conversation is in Spanish and also remember if you don’t believe me “Spain is Different”.

Jan 242012
Even In Spain There Are Niches Everywhere

Walking around Valencia yesterday I thought I would take a few photos of offline businesses that have set up in Valencia recently.