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Dan Raine has just sent out this about the Immediate Edge. It will be closing its doors next week when the Challenge gets going at full tilt. I have been a member of the Immediate Edge for the longest time and it is the thing that makes a huge difference to my online businesses, yes I have many of them.
Read on about what Dan has to day as this is a strictly limited time thing as on the 13th of July it will close down for a few months and at the moment he is teaching something really cool, “Content Clusters”. This laser focuses your websites by creating great backlinks to them below the Google radar.

“I hate being the giver of bad news. In fact, as a marketer you NEVER want to give bad news, unless you’ve got some ace good news tucked up your sleeve. Well, I have a bit of bad news, and just to try to balance it out,

I also have some good news.

First the bad news. This is actually the cardinal sin of marketing, you should never ‘lead’ your messages with bad news, it turns the reader off and can kill your message – but hey, I do things a little differently so I’m ‘leading’ with the bad news first. OK, onto the bad news…

Every year while The Challenge is running both Ed and I close down access to our paid programs, this is because we want you to concentrate on the free stuff we’re giving you and we don’t want to abuse you by pimping products at you during that time. This year is no different, and the bad news is that The Immediate Edge will be slamming it’s doors shut at the end of the weekend as the full Challenge training starts on Module One on Monday.

And I’m afraid that isn’t the worst of it…

You see, in previous years it’s been The *30 Day* Challenge, and the doors have closed for that time.  However, the new format of The Challenge means that the doors are going to be shut this year for a loooonnnnnng time because the seven modules cover a mammoth three month period. So there you go, the bad news laid out in all it’s glory and the bottom line is that The Immediate Edge is closing down to new members this weekend and after that won’t be open again until late 2010.

** Now for the silver lining ** I did say there was good news 😉

The good news is that you still have a brief window of opportunity to check out The Immediate Edge, and not only discover the brand new training course which Ed and I have only taught our private mentoring clients (who paid us between $5,000 and $10,000 for one-to-one access), but also the entire repository of The Immediate Edge training materials, newsletters, interviews and a whole host of other goodies (that’s over 3 years of content) all thrown in as well.

It’s full, unrestricted access and you can get all of this ** for only $1 ** Yup, just $1 gets you a 7 day pass to check out everything The Immediate Edge has to offer, but you can only grab this chance now – if you leave it too late then the doors will slam shut and you’ll have to wait until much later in the year. To grab your $1 access click on this link right now before it’s too late:


P.S. Just to be clear, the doors to The Immediate Edge are closing shortly and we won’t be accepting any new members for a considerable amount of time (the new format of The Challenge takes us through to mid-October…), and the only way you can get access to this content is inside the private members area of The Immediate Edge here:

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